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Jonathan D. Lettvin 愚公移山

Quora Writings

Seeing Stars
An analysis of hyperacute vision in vertebrates
Brain Building Kit
A fanciful view of neural mathematics
A voice from under the piano Love Programming Again
Pieces on practicing piano and the ART/discipline of coding
Text of a public speech
Theodore Lettvin
A web page of piano recordings
Jerome Lettvin
A wikipedia page
10 decade photo-amplifier
A simple technical web page on my patented pre-amplifier
On neural mathematics ... PAPER
Home pages of a heavily used private wiki with over 100 multi-page topics
DisQuick Antivirus diskette package insert
An example of customer-oriented writing
Poet Laureate at poetry.com
Lots of poems
Articles for AirPair
A demonstration of Unicode rapid review of translations
OPL bipolar
A visualization of a retinal neuron ready for functional modeling
How Seen Movement Appears In the Frog's Optic Nerve
Annotation of a short but important neuroscience paper

You'll not from quaint and curious volumes quote forevermore
nor pull electrodes from raw stock nor credit card your door.
No octopus nor frog nor cat will know your twitching hand.
No student's eye will open wide to see what you've unplanned.

Dissenters now go undefended. Strange guests don't stay late.
More zebras go undiagnosed 'though frank in tic and gait.
We'll miss how wrong our theories are when we're so sure they're right.
Without you we are all alone. There's none like you to fight.

俳句 (haiku)
春の花   Haru no hana   Flowers in springtime
突風内花びら   Toppu-nai hanabira   Petals in a gust of wind
色の渦   Iro no uzu   Vortex of color

Certainty (haiku)

'Tis sin to judge sin.
God sorts us out soon enough.
Let's be friends 'til then.


ومن الخطيئة الحكم على الخطيئة.
الله يقسم لنا قريبا بما فيه الكفاية.
دعنا نكون أصدقاء حتى ذلك الحين.


דזשאַדזשינג זינד איז זינד.
גאָט סאָרץ אונדז אויס באַלד גענוג.
זאל ס זיין Friends ביז דעמאָלט.

Это грех судить грех.
Бог сортирует нас достаточно скоро.
Давайте дружить сезам тогда.

Science vs. Religion? Why?
I have a belief. I believe that living things invest energy in predicting outcomes from preconditions. This entails observing the world, discovering repeating events, extracting value, forming a mythology to capture this process, identifying common abstractions with other processes, forming a science and, finally, sharing the mythology and science with others. Science is nothing more than a way of predicting outcomes from preconditions efficiently. I am often shocked at the animosity between the mythology and science communities. You NEED mythology to bind together observations for which a proper science has not yet been successfully formed. However, science is a belief system too; and one which does not undermine religion if seen as a value-add for the individual and group practitioner. We need to value mythology for its continued capture of not-yet-scientific observation by magic. We need to value science for its partial success at codifying the ability to predict mechanically without invoking magic. Mythology and science are both necessary. I find it sad that the communities fight over which has the better gift.

on Parsey McParseface (a critique of machine-driven semantic style)

Much so dislike I order algorithm required very sentences. Ub fact, U an agaubst ebfircenebt. Write I ? as will I : nevermore ∃ poetry and longer no I am 愚公移山 merely but /dev/borg.

Just in case you are inclined to prefer PMcP, here it is in ordinary text.

I so very much dislike algorithm required sentence order. In fact I am against enforcement. I will write as I will else nevermore there exists poetry and I am no longer the foolish old man who moved the mountain, but merely a borg device.

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