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Résume (link to downloadable MS Word DOC file)

Most questions you may want to ask are answered in my Résume.

I prefer being contacted by email (in my Résume).

If you have a position to fill and want to know me better, read my Résume first.

This page is designed to offer a less formal view of what I do and what value I offer.

What I do

I solve problems others have abandoned as too hard or too unknown. Through a combination of characteristics, I don't give up until a solution is found. This includes everything from inventing new unpublished algorithms to brute-force solving Gauss's law by developing a 3D particle system and visualizer from scratch. I love assembly language and I love Tokamak magnetic field design. I have written an entire RTOS for biometrics and zero-flaw code. I was a publishing contributor in the early days of PC antivirus.

For me, an insoluble problem is usually insoluble due to lack of precedent or insight. I set the precedent or develop and explain an insight by reflex... It's what I do. I have known many with superior talents and skills to mine who contributed to this industry. It is not that I am in their league, but I have contributed some value along the way. I am certainly not the average programmer. I am not better, just naturally inclined to seek the value of novel or unusual use.

My current personal project is representative. I have watched great minds toy with imitating what brains do. Nothing I have seen satisfied me as fundamentally like a brain. So, since 2002, I have studied and researched and modeled until I feel I can claim to know some of the mathematics underlying neural operations. I am in the midst of codifying what I know and building demonstration robots having synthetic reflexes indistinguishable from living systems. The math in my models begins at the atomic level and is built up through the various structural scales until a full sensory-interneuron-actuation reflex arc can be engineered. This is nothing like AI, neuromorphic engineering, neural nets, HTM, or other technologies. Every part and every operation depends on emulation of a naturally occurring neural structure.

Where others do a good enough job to get paid I give problems priority and get at their fundamentals.

It is wasteful to employ me to run servers or fix bugs. I do the former poorly and the latter fairly well, but neither takes advantage of my native talents which is going into the unknown and bringing back the spoils.

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